Crackington Haven: Cambeak Wave Art Print Limited Edition


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This painting depicts a really nice wave breaking at sea out towards Cambeak at Crackington Haven…

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Cambeak Wave by Lawrence Dyer
Cambeak Wave

Crackington Haven: Cambeak Wave is a limited edition art print of a painting by Lawrence Dyer.

This painting depicts a really nice wave breaking at sea out towards Cambeak at Crackington Haven, Cornwall. The reason why waves will break like that so far from the shore and when the weather is not stormy is because of the hidden rock expanse beneath the water there. When the tide is lower you can walk out across this great expanse of rock to Tremoutha Haven, a sub-cove of Crackington Haven.  So, when the tide is high that area looks like open sea but is probably less than six feet deep.

For those who have never thought about it, what makes a wave break — that is the top toppling forward and then disintegrating into surf — is pretty similar to what would happen to you if you were running along in a field carrying something heavy on your head and you kept going at full speed into a boggy area. The top of your body would keep going at the same speed as before but your feet would slow down as you trammelled the mud. So you would topple forwards uncontrollably. In the case of the wave its underside drags against the sea bed but its topside keeps going at the same speed: so it breaks into surf.

Okay, that’s the technical stuff — sort of — now for the beauty. The wave just looked such a great shape that I had to capture it in oil paint. As the wave turns over it rolls in the sun and the splash of refected sunlight rolls with it. Behind it the cliff of Cambeak (Little Cam) is dark and mysterious because it is backlit, its shadowed face not revealing much. And that’s about it really, a great little wave breaking in front of Cambeak.

This print is mounted in an off-white surround and hand-signed and numbered by the artist. The edition limit is 195 pieces.

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Standard Print Size:

Image size: approx 340 mm x 200 mm.

Mount size: approx 457 mm x 343 mm ( 18 x 13 1/2 inches ).

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