Bude Blue Wave Art Print – Limited Edition


Bude is one of my regular 'haunts' for painting subject matter, and I go there often and at many different times of the year…

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‘Bude Blue Wave’ is an archival quality art print of an oil painting by West Country artist Lawrence Dyer.

Bude is one of my regular ‘haunts’ for painting subject matter, and I go there often and at many different times of the year. The waves there can be violent and dramatic beyond the harbour breakwater, sometimes bursting up and over the breakwater, or throwing back great plumes of spray behind them.

Softened by the effects of the breakwater, however, the waves are usually much more gentle, as with the wave depicted here on Bude’s Summerleaze Beach. The Breakwater and Chaple Rock at the end are visible in the background of the scene. The strong Cornish sunshine makes the waves blue where they reflect the sky. Inside the wave the water is a soft green.

I love painting waves and sea effects. This is partly because they can be very beautiful and also because they are challenging to get right. Although I do paint waves from life, standing directly on the beach, in many ways I prefer to ‘fix’ the wave with a well-timed and angled photograph. I can then paint from that to fully capture the nuances and exact colours of the water.

However, this method has its own potential difficulties. Firstly you have to overcome the limitations of the photograph, as cameras in general do not register colours as the human eye sees them. So memory has to be involved here. Secondly, the movement of a wave is arrested in a photograph and details can be seen that are not apparent to the eye watching a live wave. You certainly can see details of form, texture and colour in a live wave — it is not over too quick to observe these features — however new kinds of details may show up in a photo that aren’t obvious to the live-action observer.

As a consequence a compromise has to be reached when painting a wave or the shifting surface of the sea. It has to look ‘real’ and hold the features you can see when standing on the beach watching the waves while at the same time not featuring the details and quirks that would only be evident in a photograph. Do you think I have achieved that in this painting?

You are buying a high quality art print of Bude Blue Wave mounted in an off-white mount, ready to frame.

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Standard Print Size:

Image size: approx 340 mm x 200 mm.

Mount size: approx 457 mm x 343 mm ( 18 x 13 1/2 inches ).