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Hello, my name is Lawrence Dyer and I’m the artist behind this site, LawrenceDyer.co.uk.

I regularly paint on the beaches of the south-west of England as well as in my studio in Devon, near the Cornwall border. My work is sold in exhibitions and art galleries as well as in other places, and of course, online.

An interview with me that reveals much about me as an artist has recently gone up at: Artist Of The Month: Lawrence Dyer (opens in new window)

What’s Available At LawrenceDyer.co.uk

At this site you can buy high quality limited edition art prints of my paintings, as well as original oil paintings. You can order directly through the site by adding items you want to buy to the shopping basket then going to the secure checkout when you are ready to make payment. The site is fully ecommerce enabled and secure.

Once I receive your order I’ll get it carelly packaged and sent out to you as quickly as possible.

Here’s a photo of me painting on the beach at Sidmouth:

Is there a money-back guarantee?

Of course! If a print you buy turned out to be faulty in some way (very unlikely as our production standards are very high and it wouldn’t get past us at any stage) then you’ll get a full refund, including the cost you incurred returning the item. If after receiving a print or original you simply change your mind then you can still have a refund, no questions asked, but you will have to pay the return postage, which most people think is fair for a change of mind. This is all set out clearly in the Refunds Policy.

Customer Satisfaction rules here

I and my small family team want our customers to be happy with every stage and aspect of this site, the buying process and of course the artworks! Art is all about communicating with people, with making people see things in a new way and in sharing emotions that have been experienced. Equally a successful art business depends on customer satisfaction and engagement at every stage.

Is an account needed to buy something?

It’s not necessary to open an account at this site in order to buy items but if you do then the system will store your shopping cart, your orders and your ‘wish list’ ready for your next visit. If in doubt when buying just go to checkout, you can always open an account later.

Are there discount codes?

Yes. Discount codes made for this site can be used at checkout. If you would like a discount code then please contact me.

For discount codes or anything else you can email me:

Lawrence [at] LawrenceDyer.com

Feel free to email me if you have any questions about anything or just want to make contact. I can also take orders by email.

My postal address

You can write to me at the address below, but please note that this is a private residence and so we are not open to the public here.

Green Lane FarmWest Chilla
Devon EX21 5XQ

Meet the Team

It’s not just me behind this site!  We’re actually a family business. There’s my wife Christine. She’s a part-time school teacher and involved in many aspects of our art business, including exhibitions, admin and order fulfillment. Then there’s Madeline, our daughter, who is in charge of web promotion and helps with exhibitions and other aspects. She’s a published novelist and you can find out about her writing here: Novelist Madeline Dyer (opens in new window). We also have a son, Sam, who is a university student studying media and who advises us on website construction and coding.


You are welcome to telephone us too on 01409 220146. You’ll most likely end up talking to Christine or Madeline as I’m not so good on the phone due to some loss of hearing. Email works better for me! You could alternatively text me on my mobile (07528845986) but again my hearing’s not so great for an actual phone call. Text is good though, email is good too! Phoning to speak to Christine is good too!